terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

The Power of the Beaches

Beaches are usually one of the most common and attractive places that people want to go. And there are many reasons for that.

  • Good feeling when in touch with nature.
  • Possibility of playing sports like surfing or volleyball.
  • Watch people in their smallest clothes (haha).
  • Get tanned.
  • And, for some people, smoke and drink.

I have to say I've been to the beach so many times in my life and I have had all these reasons.
It's weird that even though I am so picky when it comes to activities and I usually get tired of something that has become repetitive, I never get tired of going to the beach.
The feeling that you have when you see people playing with their dogs on the sand close to the water, the man surfing, the hot blonde next to you getting tan, it's just irreplaceable. I realized that when I went on a surf trip throughout South America. (that will be in future posts)

Everytime my friends come to me saying they're confused, or stressed, or fed up with something, I tell them to go to the beach. But not that beach with a huge crowd of teenagers who care more about their image than anything else. I'm talking about that secret spot, where you have to walk through woods and trees and there's nothing but nature. 
Just sit down, look at the sky, look at the sea. Listen to the waves. Smile. Be happy.

20 comentários:

  1. I love the beach! I enjoy skimboarding :)

  2. i would like to visit the beach, but i'm very busy, when i have time i will try to do it :)
    Cool post

  3. I'm going jet skiing next summer :D

    And the first time i played Beach Volleyball I OWNED....never won again :P

  4. I love the beach, so I'm gonna follow ya!

  5. i love living so close to the beach, too bad i'm just entering winter

  6. I only like going to the beach at night. Smells awesome, less people, and the ocean looks black! They banned alcohol recently though.. :(

  7. fuck this. im going to the beach right now@!

  8. I'm definnitely going to the beach this holidays!

  9. The weather here in SoCal is almost good enough to start going to the beach again. Thanks for the reminder.

    Now following your blog.

  10. Beaches are awsome!! I haven't been to one in so long, i want to go soon! I really want to try out surfing!! - Followed.

  11. I might go to the beach this year!

  12. Definitely looking forward to some beach action...and the chicks therein.